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Acoustune AS2000 Lightning Adapter Cable

Acoustune AS2000 Lightning Adapter Cable

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Full support for three common headphone plugs -acoustune AS2000

DAPseamless connection iOSInstallation is no longer a dream!In order to facilitate the earphone enthusiasts to use on weekdays DAPHeadphones can be connected at any time iPhone acoustunebrand new AS2000 LightningThe adapter cable supports all kinds of headphone plugs, including the most commonly used ones.的 3.5mm 2.5mm 4.4mmThe socket can be replaced at any time in the package.天涯!


free switch plug


Most of the market iPhoneConversion lines are only supported 3.5mmThe plug is suitable for those who are used to using balanced headphone cables.的 DAPIt's really not very convenient for users,而 AS2000The most unique thing is that it already has 3.5mm 2.5mm 4.4mm*The socket does not require any tools, and you can switch instantly to match your favorite headphones.機配搭 iPhoneEasier to use合 iOSAll kinds of streaming platforms, the latest songs, videos, and live concerts are all available. Enjoy the most familiar headphone cable combination.材組合欣賞。

* 2.5mmand 4.4mmThe socket only supports unbalanced output


few fever MFiCertification LightningAdapter cable

acoustune AS2000The method of use is the same as that of the original conversion cable.駁 iPhoneof LightningPlug one side of the earphone can be used用, AS2000more obtained MFiCertified to perfectly support headsets with microphones for phone calls途,match other MFiProducts can also fully use their functions such as volume control keys制鍵)In addition, even in the future後 iOSUpgrading can also ensure normal use。


Professional materials used both inside and outside

acoustune AS2000The shape and materials are very professional, and the body part of the cable is used in high-purity earphone cables.度 8 twist OFCMade of copper plus outside的 KevlarThe cover net makes the cable body more durable and can also block external interference and enhance the sound quality, and the socket part of the conversion cable is used分就用到 100% CNCAluminum metal production of a single piece of aluminum metal經 CNCmade by cutting technology成 AS2000most special place。Not only is the texture more advanced, more beautiful, and more effective in suppressing the impact of resonance on the sound, the mobile phone can also enjoy good sound quality好音質


You can also feel the sound受 acoustuneown pursuit – Three-frequency performance, average thickness, clarity, and interpretation that will not be deliberately modified to restore live recordings. This pursuit is being追求正正在 AS2000reflect again。


acoustune AS2000Product Specifications
wire end:3.5mm / 2.5mm / 4.4mm
length approx.約 112mm

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