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Han Sound Audio LUNA Moon Goddess 4.4mm headphone upgrade cable

Han Sound Audio LUNA Moon Goddess 4.4mm headphone upgrade cable

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The outer covering of LUNA is made of ultra-soft titanium gray silver PVC, with metallic glitter to give it the feeling of a galaxy. An innovative material "highly conductive graphene braided mesh" is added between the conductor and the outer covering as a shield. Conductors covered with pure silver bare wires and pure silver Ritz wires of different sizes effectively suppress electromagnetic interference in the air, guaranteeing pure and natural sound quality, while still maintaining the softness of the wire body to reduce the auscultation effect. It does not sacrifice wearing comfort in pursuit of good shielding effect, and is relatively user-friendly. The presentation of appearance and sound contrasts with purity and quiet and mysterious charm. It seems to become brighter and brighter as the night goes by. It is also characterized by confidence, imagination and creativity, which are the characteristics of the moon goddess in ancient Roman mythology. Therefore, we named the moon goddess "LUNA".

LUNA uses a variety of pure silver conductors and highly conductive graphene braided yarn as the shielding layer. It has several better sound characteristics than ordinary pure silver headphone cables:
1. Provide multi-level and ultra-high-resolution music output: the central sterling silver wire is paired with sterling silver Ritz wire to wrap the overall sound with more layers and improve music resolution, making the details of the music more clearly discernible and allowing you to hear more Subtle musical elements.
2. The sound field performance is also good: the high conductivity and low noise of sterling silver allow the sound to have a wider sound field performance, and with the help of the highly conductive graphene braided shielding layer, it has better performance than other upgrade lines of the same quality. A quieter background and a sense of open space make the music closer to the real sound field effect.
3. Demonstrates excellent tone balance: Compared with previous sterling silver headphone cables, Luna has a sufficient core conductor of 23 AWG to ensure the continuity and information content of the sound, deep and low drum sounds, and vividly embossed and distinct strings. Music performance makes everything so harmonious and beautiful.

To sum up, Luna can provide more layered high-resolution sound, wide sound field performance, excellent timbre balance, and meticulous detailed interpretation, which can bring a higher quality listening experience.
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