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Unique Melody

Unique Melody Maven Pro Titanium Alloy Electrostatic Headphones (Display Item)

Unique Melody Maven Pro Titanium Alloy Electrostatic Headphones (Display Item)

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Metal structure blessing

UM Titanium Charm Unique Melody Maven ProPro

Even the traditional sounding unit array is destined to be extraordinary. The titanium alloy earphone Maven Pro, which received a positive response at the 2022 Advanced Audiovisual Exhibition, officially debuted正式登場!

Fully upgraded from the inside out級!

Material Control Titanium Acoustic Design學設計

(Maven Pro Structure Diagram)

10 Custom Brake Units + Dual Electrostatic Units + Titanium Alloy Acoustic Structure

Titanium alloy has a very low shock absorption coefficient. The acoustic structure based on this can perfectly preserve the subtle fluctuations and swings of sound waves, producing amazing sustain attenuation and texture details, and also brings good sound insulation effect not only for environmental sound waves The isolation of vibration and the effect of resonance between units and units can be minimized,都能降到最低。

Maven Pro uses 4 UM custom-made large moving iron units named M001. Through a well-designed low-pass filter design, the bass extension and transient are comprehensively enhanced. Compared with the previous generation Maven, the bass energy and support quality are more obvious. It also has the familiar UM context, accurate reduction, high density and good density還原度高、密度良好。

The tweeter is composed of 4 custom tweeter moving iron units and electrostatic units. The sound waves of the electrostatic units are transmitted through the independent titanium alloy sound guide tube. The wide diameter and no acoustic damping design allow the sound waves to enter the ear canal with the lowest loss. Preserves more details to enhance treble brightness and sound extension及聲音延伸。

The mid-frequency is handled by 2 UM MID custom-made brake iron units, which are natural and pollution-free. The energy sense is enough to play a key role in supporting and turning. The image force and line sense are strong.力與線條感強烈。

Allure 3DPrinting Titanium Alloy Cavities

The development of 3D printing technology over the past few years has brought many benefits to human life, especially with the increasing application of materials. This high-precision and high-efficiency production method has spawned many complex structures and designs, such as the cavity of Maven Pro. dazzling structure體構造般耀眼。

The cavity of Maven Pro is constructed with nearly 1200 layers of layered slices after 24 hours of 3D structure printing. It has no splices and is smooth. It has 15 times higher structural strength than traditional resins, so it can be made very small and thin. The precise digital design of the shape not only fits closely to the ear shape, but also brings a balanced weight distribution and a lightweight body to wear. It is a very valuable existence in high-end headphones.機中非常難能可貴的存在。

After printing, UM will perform up to 12 processing steps such as sandblasting, polishing, electroplating, etc. for each pair of Maven Pro to ensure perfection. If you pay attention, you can also see that there are detailed bridge structures in this complex hollow cavity.有細緻的橋樑結構。

Maven ProExclusive accessories

Maven Pro package comes with a dedicated UM Copper M2 pure copper upgrade cable produced by local brand PWAudio The package also comes with UM original ear gel S/ M/ LAZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC ear gel SS/ MS/ M cleaning cloth and designed by Dignis Korea Production of new version of black ice crack polygon storage leather case冰裂多邊形收納皮盒。

Maven ProSpecification:

Number of Units Twelve Units元

Unit combination Low frequency moving iron unit元x4+Intermediate frequency moving iron unitx2 +High frequency moving iron unitx4+electrostatic unitx2

Frequency response 20Hz~70KHz

Impedance 30Ω

Sensitivity 112dB@1KHz

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