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Toxic cables Virus 24 V2

Toxic cables Virus 24 V2

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UK Toxic cables Virus 24 V2 Virus

24AWG Type 4 OCC Cryo Silver and Copper Litz wire(true hybrid)

Conductor:OCC single crystal copper and silver mixed (true mixed)
Wire Diameter:24 AWG
Construction:Litz Type 4 Golden Ratio Construction
Approval color:transparent

As early as 2013, Toxic successfully developed the wire Virus, which is a real copper-silver mixed conductor. Different from the copper-silver single-core wire mixed in its factory, each group of copper and silver is mixed in the same core in a certain proportion. The V2 Litz Type 4 version was finally updated in half a year. Toxic's special coating makes the wire body softer and easier to use when going out. The 2 Pin pins and mmcx conductors are all gold-plated with antimony copper and super-cooled.

Virus 24 V2 maintains the unique sense of hearing of copper-silver mixed wire, excellent instrument image and bright sound lines, but the mid-high frequency extension will not overshoot stimulation, and has the low-frequency elasticity and diffusion of copper wire, the background remains consistent The features of Toxic's house are as clean as a transparent floor-to-ceiling window. Compared with the previous generation, the improvement is very large, especially suitable for ACG animation or Japanese female voice type music.

Note that it takes 3 to 6 months to make by hand
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