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Toxic cables Silver Widow 22 V2(SW22)

Toxic cables Silver Widow 22 V2(SW22)

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British original import

22AWG Type 4 OCC Cryo Silver Litz wire with 1+% Gold Content

Conductor:OCC gold-silver alloy (sterling silver Litz wire + 1% gold)

Wire Diameter:22 AWG

Structure:Litz Type 4 golden ratio structure


This is a wire with a clean background, like a transparent floor-to-ceiling window. The details are abnormal, the low frequency is elastic, the high frequency extension is delicate, the mid frequency is slightly warm, the analysis ability is good, the bottom sound of the silver wire, but the gold-containing overall is more warm and does not It will be too bright and has a sense of speed. It is suitable for omnivorous music. It prefers classical, symphonic and other music types that require details. Rock music is also suitable. Pop vocals need to be determined by preference.

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