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Toxic cables Griffin 26

Toxic cables Griffin 26

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Toxic cables Griffin 26

26AWG Type 6 OCC Cryo Silver Litz wire with 1+% Gold Content

🧪Conductor: OCC Gold Silver Alloy (Pure Silver Litz Wire + 1% Gold)
🧪Wire Diameter: 26 AWG
🧪Construction: Litz Type 6 Golden Ratio Construction
🧪Color: transparent

With years of experience in the development of gold-silver alloy conductor wires and the success of the Silver Widow SW series, Toxic launched a new Litz Type 6 in the second half of 2020. The highest-order structure combined with the gold-silver alloy conductor Griffin Griffin series 26 awg wire diameter Toxic special The coating makes the wire body softer and more convenient to use. 2 Pin pins and mmcx conductors are all gold-plated with antimony copper and super-cooled鍍金加超冷處理。

Griffin's lines are very good. The background is clean, like a transparent floor-to-ceiling window. The mid-to-high frequency extension of the pure silver wire is completely different from that of the SW22 silver widow. The separation of instruments and vocals is very good, and the dynamic background music is excellent in control. It is suitable for classical or Japanese female voice type music.是日系女聲類型音樂。

(⚠️Note that it takes 3 to 6 months to make by hand)
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