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SpinFit CP800 (2 Pairs)

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CP800 (2對) 專利設計矽膠耳塞

專利設計的 SpinFit 耳塞 - SpinFit 耳塞採用了獨特可彎曲的靈活耳管設計,令耳塞可更深入耳道,對聲音傳輸路徑的阻礙減到最少,而且佩戴感更為舒適、聲音表現更理想。

  • 舒適耐聽 - 物料採用了柔軟而優質的矽膠,以及符合人體工學的軟墊設計,務求給用家既舒適又耐聽的聽感。
  • 隔音密封性強 - 即使耳塞放進耳道的角度不一,不過仍能保持一致的密封性,並可加強隔音效果。
  • 音質表現 - 相對一般的耳塞,除了具有舒適的佩戴感,亦可提升三頻的表現。
  • 安裝簡單 - SpinFit 安裝十分簡單,而且升級成本極低,可成為你耳機升級的首選配件。
  • 導管內徑:2mm
  • 適合的耳機品牌:

SpinFit is a patented ear tip. With the flexible core design, SpinFit® ear tip is able to be inserted deeper into the ear canal, enabling less obstruction along the sound field dispersion path, which results in greater audio experience while providing maximum comfort.


  • Supreme Comfort - Premium soft silicone material along with the ergonomic cushion design provides outstanding and lasting comfort.
  • Optimal Seal - Consistent optimal seal even for headphones with an awkward insertion angle, allowing increased noise isolation.
  • Sound Quality - Provides a clearer sound all around with deeper and tighter bass, better mids, and cleaner highs.
  • Easy Installation - Simple installation makes SpinFit an easy and affordable upgrade for your earphone.
  • Nozzle Inner Diameter : 2mm
  • Compatible list :