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QDC Anole V14 (Hong Kong Edition)

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qdc Anole V14 (Hong Kong Special Edition)

After two years of in-depth research and development, the Anole V14 (Hong Kong Special Edition) of qdc's new-generation flagship headset Chameleon series is coming襲!Hong Kong Special EditionThe unique feature is that the earphones are completely changed to「2pin CM pin plug with normal phase design插,It is more convenient for users to replace and use the wires in their hands according to their needs, so as to match more different combinations and explore more possibilities and combination changes變化。

New custom low-frequency and electrostatic drivers

Each side of the V14 is equipped with a new custom-made 10 moving iron units and The 4 EST electrostatic units benefit from the new customized low frequency unit. The ultra-low frequency performance of the V14 is better than that of the previous flagship headphones. The low-frequency index achieves a new breakthrough in the ultra-low frequency response. The new customized EST electrostatic unit is used to expand the ultra-high frequency extension. On the basis of 50khz, the sensitivity of the electrostatic unit is greatly improved, and the problem that the earphones using the EST electrostatic unit are difficult to push for a long time has been solved.問題得到了解決。

416 styles of tuning by yourself

V14 specially added a 4-speed tuning switch based on qdc multi-tube multi-channel filtering and frequency division patented technology個頻段 (low frequency medium frequency high frequency ultra high frequency)高頻) Adjustments do not interfere with each other so that you can tune by yourself and up to 16 tuning styles can be adjusted. There are 6 official preset modes for reference, including POPClassicalRap/RockACGOvertone and Standard mode (that is, all OFF), which can be matched more flexibly Different gear and music add fun and more variations to help you easily adjust to your favorite tuning style鬆調整你所喜愛的調音風格。

A veritable chameleon龍」

In addition to the variable tuning, another major feature is that the panel of the fuselage will change color. Because the panel of the V14 uses a 3D three-dimensional fluorescent material to absorb ultraviolet rays or sunlight, and then use the ultraviolet light to illuminate, it will change into a green fluorescent effect, just like a chameleon in the night. In addition, the combination of the case decorated with colorful fine glitter powder and the laser gold-edged inlay process makes the V14 headphones look more elegant and stylish as a whole.看上去更高雅而有格調。

Flexible and changeable plug design

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. The V14 not only has a special headphone appearance and internal structure, but also pays special attention to the original headphone cable. First, it adopts the DM three-in-one interchangeable plug design. The standard 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs can be replaced by yourself, which is more convenient. You can match different DAPs or ear amplifiers, which greatly increases the variability and flexibility of the headphones. The wire uses a 12-core copper-silver hybrid design. It is also designed for the V14 that needs more low-frequency energy to keep it transparent and warm. The sound also increases the fullness of the mid-low frequency. In addition, the headphone storage box with the same texture adopts the upper and lower magnetic suction column design, which is more convenient to store the headphones and is not easy to fall off the cover.吸柱設計,更方便收納耳機不易掉蓋。

Detailed specifications

14 micro cells per side of cell元

Sensitivity 105-108dB SPL/mWW      

Frequency Response 10Hz - 50KHzz    

Impedance 12-20Ω          

Noise reduction 26dBB        

Headphone plug DM3 in 1 interchangeable plug 

Headphone cable V14DMM               

TECHNICAL FEATURES 4-way頻、 4 sound holes, a variety of tones can be freely matched 

16 types of frequency response種      

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