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Hidizs S9pro 銅合金 + LT02 USB-C to iOS Cable

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S9 Pro Features:
- Hi-Res Audio Certified
- ESS9038Q2M DAC
- PCM: Up to 32bit768kHz
- Native DSD Supports Up to 512
- Single-ended 3.5mm + Balanced 2.5mm
- One-Piece High-Density CNC Aluminum Body
- Sampling Rate Indicator Light
- Powerful Drive Ability. 200mW BAL / 100mW SE
- Compatible with Windows/Android/Mac OS/iOS/iPad OS System

新品發佈 (限量500條)
Hidizs S9pro 銅合金
- 細不可擋😝 Hidizs S9 Pro 平衡解碼耳擴 -
Does size really matter? 😏😏😏 手機用解碼耳擴就緊喺愈細愈好啦🤣
輕鬆出街聽歌無負擔﹐而且仲支援硬解 DSD 512﹐125mW @32Ω 推力十足﹐有齊 3.5mm + 2.5mm 平衡輸出﹐性價比極高🤪
🌟Hidizs S9 Pro手機平衡解碼耳擴 🌟
🔆 Ess9038Q2M解碼
🔆 硬解 DSD512 , MQA
🔆 最高支援 32bit/768kHz
🔆 支援 Lightning, USB-C 雙制式
🔆 125mW 大推力 (平衡)
🔆 3.5mm 單端, 2.5mm 平衡輸出