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HIDIZS AP80 Pro Aluminum Alloy Edition

HIDIZS AP80 Pro Aluminum Alloy Edition

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Excellent decoding power of dual DAC decoding chip力

Dual ESS9218P decoding chip has excellent parameters of SNR +130dBDNR +121dB and THD+N -114dB, and the sound is even to the audiophile level燒級音質。

Two outputs to choose from

In addition to the 3.5mm single-ended output, the AP80 Pro has a 2.5mm balanced output, which has better thrust and tone separation than single-ended output. The sound is more detailed and clear, providing you with the best listening experience.聽體驗。

High Precision FPGA Die

In order to provide DSD hardware decoding, AP80 Pro adds high-precision FPGA chip HBC3000 to support DSD 64/128/256 hardware decoding. In addition, it can perfectly control clock jitter to bring high-accuracy music performance音樂表現。

Supports multiple lossless transmission protocols

AP80 Pro supports two-way Bluetooth 4.2 Hiby UATSony LDAC and APT-X can be used as Bluetooth audio source output or as Bluetooth decoding ear amplifier解碼耳擴。

Hi-Res Audio Certification

MS1 RAINBOW is Hi-Res Audio certified for high-quality audio products by JAS Japan Audio Association and CEA Consumer Electronics Associationo 認證。
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