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Hansound Audio Crosser 耳機升級線

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CROSSER是以耳熟能詳的AEGIS產品特性為設計基礎,運用相同材料-單晶銅里茲線與金銀合金絞合,並按等比例將導體量增加至18 AWG(雙芯線單芯),再搭配金屬屏蔽網接地,隔離外部的電波雜訊,讓聲音有效提升密度與質感,除了讓聲線活潑人聲綿密更增添一份靜肅性,大幅的提升聲音的質感與寧靜度。外觀以高密度黑色編織布網包覆,更顯低調暗黑面。
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Finally, it's the timing to release the Crosser cable, and the samples will be arrived at our distributors successively.
We apply the features of the familiar Aegis to be the base and increase the conductors to 18 AWG for each wire, and apply a metal shielding layer to connect the GND-pin in order to get more pure and clear sound.
Crosser is a cable designed for earphones and headphones. It has a metal shielding to isolate the external noises, and use black braid cloth as the jacket. The conductor was made of gold-silver alloy and OCC litz mixed twist, enhance the density and texture of the sound effectively. No matter which type of earphone or headphone, it can achieve an excellent upgrade effect.