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HanSound Audio TORFA 2-wire

HanSound Audio TORFA 2-wire

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Hansheng is the most versatile cable. Most of the active earphones will have a positive improvement when paired with them.

The wire is made of gold-silver alloy wire, single crystal copper Litz, and the outer periphery is wound with a single crystal copper shielding mesh and other shielding materials. Innately, TORFA has a very quiet background. Thanks to the wire core material, the TORFA sound field is three-dimensional and distinct. The middle and high frequencies are dyed by gold and silver alloys, which help the performance of strings and vocals


  • Gold-silver alloy, OCC copper Litz, and OCC copper twisted with multi-layer isolation
  • Jacket:PVC,Tetoron high density braided
  • Color:Midnight blue
  • Gauge:22 AWG each wire
  • Softness:★★★★☆
  • Quantity of wire:2-wire
  • Standard Plug:HanSound 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm
  • Connectors available:2P IEM, MMCX(incl. AKG and Sony), QDC, UE, Fitear...etc.
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