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FiiO BTR15 Portable Bluetooth Decoding Ear Amplifier

FiiO BTR15 Portable Bluetooth Decoding Ear Amplifier

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High-energy combination of QCC5125 + |Comprehensive battery protection|Texual two-color

  • QCC5125 + XU316 high-energy combination ~ dual-core upgrade, Bluetooth/USB dual high-definition transmission .
  • Switch between multiple scenes with one click~PC/BT/PHONE three-speed switch with one click .
  • Full-range professional-grade parametric PEQ ~ Customize your own listening style, which is better than the adjustment experience of conventional PEQ .
  • 3.5 + 4.4 dual output interface ~ mainstream interface, durable .
  • 0.96-inch OLED display ~ displays more complete information and makes viewing information more convenient .
  • Double curved hot-bent glass ~ better look, feel, and grip .
  • The headphone amplifier is independently powered ~ the balanced output power jumps .
  • Parallel output, strong drive ~ better drive low-impedance headphones and listen to ideal sound.

feature of product
Switch between multiple scenes with one click
BTR15 integrates Bluetooth decoding and USB decoding, and is carefully designed with a three-position switch of PC/BT/PHONE. You can quickly switch working modes by flipping it to adapt to different devices for listening to high-quality music and meet the needs of different scenarios.
PC: Connect to a computer as a USB DAC headphone amplifier, and the device is completely powered by the computer.
BT: Bluetooth decoding headphone amplifier, powered by the internal battery of the device, which can be used for charging and power supply after being connected to USB.
PHONE: Connect to a mobile phone as a USB DAC tail, powered by the internal battery of the device.

2. Full-range professional-grade parametric PEQ, it’s up to you to decide whether it sounds good or not.
BTR15 is equipped with a global parametric equalizer (PEQ). Through FiiO's independently developed PEQ adjustment algorithm and interface, the frequency, gain, and bandwidth of the EQ can be independently adjusted in all modes*, allowing for fine customization to suit your taste. Sound style, and adjustments that are better than conventional PEQ. PEQ support instructions: *BT file is adjusted using the DSP function of Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chip, supports Bluetooth formats such as LDAC, and supports 96kHz/24bit sampling rate; *PC/PHONE file is implemented through XMOS XU316, supporting PCM 192kHz and below sampling rates; *EQ in PC/PHONE mode is completed by XMOS. When turning EQ on and off, USB will restart and disconnect.

3. Dual-core upgraded dual HD transmission
The new upgrade starts from the "core". BTR15 uses a high-energy combination of Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chip + XMOS 16-core XU316, which can perform stable high-definition audio broadcast in various modes*, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of high-quality HiFi music. Sampling rate support: *BT file, supports LDAC/aptX adaptive/aptX LL/aptX HD/aptX/AAC/SBC and other high-definition Bluetooth encoding, Bluetooth decoding sampling rate up to 96kHz; *PC/PHONE file, asynchronous audio decoding, supports 384kHz /32bit and DSD256 lossless audio decoding.

4. Supports full MQA mastering-level sound restoration
BTR15 supports MQA Full Decoder*, which can be used for MQA decoding using any playback software. Not only can it skillfully manage large-capacity and high-resolution files, it can also provide master-level sound restoration, bringing you studio-level sound details and listening experience. *Up to 384k sample rate for decoding output

5. Double curved glass design doubles the look and feel.
For the first time, FiiO uses curved hot-bent glass and embeds it on the front and back of the BTR15 fuselage, which not only makes the device lighter, but also brings a more three-dimensional and streamlined visual enjoyment. Combined with the aluminum alloy textured middle frame, it feels more supple and comfortable to hold, and you won’t be able to put it down once you pick it up.

6. 0.96-inch OLED display allows all information to be viewed at a glance
Following the large-screen design of the higher-end model BTR7, BTR15 uses a 0.96-inch OLED display, which is rare in its category and supports bilingual Chinese and English. It can not only intuitively display more complete information, but also display larger fonts, allowing you to It is easier to see the status of the device and set various functions.

7. Dual output interface, two-pronged approach
In addition to being equipped with a 3.5mm single-ended headphone interface, the BTR15 is also equipped with a more mainstream 4.4mm balanced headphone interface. The contact reliability and durability are superior to the 2.5mm balanced headphone interface. The dual output interface can adapt to the rich earplugs in your hand, giving you an extraordinary listening experience.

8. The power of independent headphone amplifier explodes
Electricity is the mother of sound, so FiiO engineers have carefully designed an independent power supply system for the built-in headphone amplifier of the DAC ES9219MQ, so that the headphone amplifier no longer shares the power supply with the DAC, and the power supply is purer. In addition, the uniquely designed external power supply has the characteristics of low noise and high current, which increases the balanced output power of BTR15 by 40% to 340mW, which can easily meet the needs of portable use.
9. Parallel output, powerful drive
The thrust force is greatly increased with more than 4.4mm balanced output interface. In order to comprehensively improve the overall performance of BTR15, we connected the headphone amplifier outputs in parallel to strongly increase the 3.5mm single-ended output power to better drive low-impedance headphones, allowing you to listen to the ideal sound.

10. Comprehensive battery protection turns worries into peace of mind
In order to alleviate everyone's concerns about battery life as much as possible, FiiO engineers combined software and hardware to comprehensively protect the BTR15's battery.
Battery isolation protection
Using the USB DAC mode when connected to a computer for a long time can completely isolate the battery of the BTR15 and be completely powered by the computer, effectively avoiding battery loss;
Long life high temperature battery
Stronger high temperature resistance and longer service life;

Built-in temperature sensor
Dynamic charge and discharge detection, high temperature automatic adjustment of charging current*, effectively prevent battery thermal damage.
*High temperature automatically adjusts charging current. Depending on the actual situation of the device, charging power may be reduced or charging may be turned off.

11. Both inside and outside, comfortable to use
Aluminum alloy/outer frame antenna/wide directivity, stable signal*Patent certificate number: ZL2021206393368
APP intelligent interconnection/support APP control/online OTA upgrade
Textured two-color/blue/black/two-color optional
Standard transparent back clip/portable listening/fashion matching tool
Driver-free mode/Support UAC1.0 mode/Plug and play
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