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ERUA Audio MIRO Headphone Upgrade Cable

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<< ERUA Audio - MIRO is officially here >>
The manager of ERUA Audio has many years of experience in fever. From the beginning, he customized the cable base for his own use due to his interest. Later, he accumulated a lot of knowledge and reputation and launched his own cable. He has rich experience in listening and developing cables, so that the product was launched in Taiwan immediately. Become a popular masterpiece TAWA state dyeing is neutral than other flagship cables, after ensuring a comprehensive and deep three-band boost, mixed with palladium-plated cables The natural sense of spaciousness has a unique and natural tone style而自然的音色風格。
In addition to the top TAWA, ERUA Audio still does not forget the mainstream mid-to-high-end headphone user market. Stepping into the Year of the Ox, PSA has prepared another New Year gift for audiophiles. The most dazzling model in the factory's existing series - MIRO MIRO。
The different models of ERUA Audio are based on the most basic Litz type 6 core design. The heavy-duty cores are made of multiple twisted independent shielded conductors and mixed with shock-absorbing materials. Each conductor has good anti-interference and conduction. Capability This is one of the main reasons for the excellent performance of ERUA wire's music details and layering. However, different types of ERUA wire use different methods for conductor quenching and mixing to make the characteristics and strengths of the wire more distinct.特性與強項更加鮮明。
The protagonist of this time, MIRO, is ERUA's mid-level wire, which uses the manufacturer's improved Litz type 6 wire core structure to match the single crystal copper silver-plated wire core material. MIRO is slightly different from the general Litz type 6 wire in terms of processing. The manufacturers' pursuit of product details also reflects their unique insights into materials and sounds音獨到的見解。
The copper conductive silver wires on the market have partial or complete frequency band connection problems due to the difference in the conductivity of copper and silver materials or the poor quality of their own substrates, with obvious mid-frequency depression and unbalanced high and low bass ratios. The factory decided to ignore the principal and kept proofing and trial production, and finally let them find a way to strengthen the advantages of copper and silver-plated wires and solve the shortcomings of the frequency band. The secondary compression and annealing process takes longer二次壓縮與退火工藝。
The substrate of MIRO is single crystal copper with less impurities and good conductivity, which is the best choice to ensure neutral tone and fineness. However, in fact, the substrate still has the opportunity to produce extended grain boundaries during the stretching process. The cross section greatly reduces the conductivity, so in addition to the normal tensile annealing and electroplating treatment of MIRO, ERUA also adds a recompression process to it and prolongs the cooling time in a specially selected coolant to eliminate most of the grain boundaries in the conductor. The cross section makes the structure more compact and the finished product has better conductivity,使成品擁有更優秀的傳導能力。
During the development of MIRO, the manufacturer tried to compare the finished cores after secondary compression and single compression. Under the same configuration, MIRO with secondary compression process has a higher sound density, and the image is more solid and has a clearer and more harmonious appearance. The timbre finally became the standard processing process of MIRO wire under the subjective test of everyone. However, the secondary compression means that the conductor processing time is doubled, the process is more complicated, and the wire needs to be discarded. The overall cost is more difficult to control if the length of the wire base is under the charging standard, so this is a relatively rare treatment method for portable audio cables.線材上,此舉屬於較罕見的處理方式。
After adopting the above process, the factory tries to plate the MIRO test works with different proportions of silver. Among them, the combination made by matching different solders by the factory has passed the test works calculated by no less than kilometers and the model for one year. The combination of the sound and the solder was finally officially confirmed at the end of last year. The finished product greatly reduces the influence of the conductivity of the two materials, and adds the unique shock-absorbing material of the Litz type 6 structure to improve the expandable space of the conductor under working conditions. The sound connection and dynamic extension of the wire are excellent, and the vibrant sound highlights the unique advantages of the copper-silver-plated wire.了銅鍍銀線材的獨到優勢。
In terms of tuning, MIRO's sound balance and tri-band are improved in texture and detail.有顯著加強。
The appearance of MIRO aims to achieve the highest performance at the pre-set price and bring a greater improvement to users at this price. It is evident from the manufacturer's dedication to the production process of the core可見一斑。
ERUA does not only focus on the sound. Friends who are fortunate enough to have seen MIRO believe that they will also be immediately attracted by its amber appearance. Because of the use of copper and silver-plated material, the outer layer of MIRO core is silver, and the outer layer is transparent yellow. In fact, the leaves of the MIRO tree in the ERUA forest will show a color similar to the appearance of MIRO in autumn. This is also the color that the manufacturer wants to express when conceiving the appearance design of the wire rod. one時最想表現的顏色之一。
MIRO's design language is also related to the weather in New Zealand. The local autumn is cool and the temperature is comfortable from March to May. It also happens to be the school holiday, so it is a time for many locals to hike and travel. It is a good season for them to travel. Is it similar to MIRO's agile and lively tone performance?色表現相似嗎?
The story-filled experience presented under the factory's careful consideration will definitely make you admire ERUA Audio's mind even more佩服!
Although ERUA Audio is still a relatively small brand in Hong Kong, it is not difficult to find that the manager not only has his own thoughts on designing products, but also has a very surging enthusiasm and enthusiasm for portable products after carefully reading the manufacturer's handling of all aspects of the brand. Perseverance和執著。
Tomorrow MIRO will come to various dealers one after another. We suggest you spend some time with MIRO and enjoy the color of life it brings to you~~的色彩~~
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