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Ego Audio Sake Headphone Upgrade Cable

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-8 braided SPC OCC Copper (27.5 AWG)

If you're more into brighter sounding cables with shiny textures, Sake is a good one to look for. This one has the brightest signature among all five however still keeps a good balance with moist textures. This one suits well with warm, bass- heavy IEMs and will brighten up the upper-frequency details in a careful manner.

The all-white look on the cable gives a classic yet a very premium look to the IEM setup. Reminds me of Effect Audio Cleopatra that recently came up. I have said that Sake is the brightest sounding cable among the family, though Sake isn' t just all into brightness. All Ego cables keep their boundaries and Sake is no exception. This change in brightness is brought in a natural, mild manner which would suit many IEM types and sound signatures.