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DUNU FALCON PRO is equipped with DUNU's exclusive ECLIPSE moving coil unit, a new generation of DLC composite dome diaphragm配置集於一體。

A new generation of DLC material with high rigidity, light weight and high damping coefficient, diaphragm dome, long stroke, polymer flexible material, suspension diaphragm, using different materials to make full use of its different characteristics Diaphragm response效的振膜響應。

The newly developed external magnetic annular super-strong magnetic circuit system has a magnetic flux density of 1.6T. At the same time, almost non-magnetic copper material is used to make the suspension support, which effectively reduces the loss of the magnetic field and ensures efficient electromagnetic conversion. The full frequency of the moving coil unit The response performance has been further improved and the driveability has been greatly optimized to ensure stable output of excellent sound quality on various devices輸出優秀音質。

The collision of the two surface processes of frosted and mirror surface In order to realize the perfect fusion of the two processes on the same piece of metal, we have carried out several proofings, which took nearly half a year and finally succeeded. The texture design of the frosted area is inspired by luxury leather goods. To this end, we use a very high-cost high-precision sandblasting and grinding process噴砂及打磨工藝。

Different diameters and lengths of the ducts will affect the sound. It has been verified through repeated experiments that we have equipped the FALCON PRO with three diameters and calibers of filters. Different acoustic ducts are the reference to enhance the transparent atmosphere. experience a change in sound可以快速體驗到聲音的變化。

FALCON PRO is equipped with a rare high-quality wiring conductor at the same price. The material is high-purity single-crystal copper silver-plated to ensure efficient and accurate transmission. Each conductor wire is covered with an insulating layer to reduce interference and improve purity.升純凈度。

FALCON PRO is equipped with a lighter Q-Lock Lite interchangeable plug system for the first time. It comes with 3.5mm single-ended 2.5mm balanced 4.4mm balanced three interchangeable plugs at one time Compatible with all mainstream portable standards流隨身標準。
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