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Audirect Beam 3 PLUS DAC~Both Bluetooth and Portable DAC

Audirect Beam 3 PLUS DAC~Both Bluetooth and Portable DAC

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The game mode enhances the sound effect. This function can be used on the Switch. Switch the Beam 3 PLUS to USB, hold down the G key, connect the Type-C cable to the Switch, and then release the G key to support the Switch, but do not do this. Can't start it. Besides, there are scene modes, that is, EQ. There are three kinds of classical vocal pop. When playing music, long press the G key, the gain light will start flashing, and then short press the G key to switch.就能進行切換。

The bluetooth version of the decoding artifact has finally appeared. It is specially designed for the car and has a decoding algorithm chip and a bluetooth system. It only needs to use a mobile phone/playing media device to make a bluetooth connection to improve the listening environment in the car. The music will have better levels and details And can bring changes without changing the car就能帶有變化。

Beam 3 PLUS is different from previous Audirect products, it is the first to carry bluetooth to transmit audio. Users will get the best enjoyment from real-time decoding audio source without the constraints of cables and players. It includes almost all available modern codecs including LDACaptX and aptX- Provides stable and excellent stability in HD Bluetooth供穩定且卓越的穩定性。

It also provides Type-C interface to provide the best of both worlds Distortion as low as 0.0003% DAC also supports full MQA format so you can hear the original studio sound and even mastering levels至母帶級數。

And because the convenience of Bluetooth is not limited to the use of mobile phones/computers, even the Beam 3Plus can provide the highest quality music performance with the speakers of the car and the home game console.素音樂表現。

The Bluetooth version of the decoding artifact presents a new look for everyone. The blue body panel is replaced by anti-reflection and anti-glare glass (Anti-Glare Glass) with copper-zinc alloy paint baking frame to bring users a more delicate and soft touch潤的觸感。
  • Maximum support PCM768KhzDSD512 format式
  • Dual headphone output port 3.5mm+4.4mmm。
  • Switch between USB and Bluetooth DAC/AMP modes。
  • Three stage gain mode。
  • MQA expand support to expand the third level of file folding疊。
Support device Mobile phone (IOS/Android), computer MAC/Windows) car car machine home game console Switch/PS) speakerS)、喇叭。

BT Chip : 8675
DAC Chip: ES9281AC
OPA Chip : 2 chips
Jack : 3.5mm or 3.5&4.4mm
Frequency Response : 0.032dB@20Hz-40kHz
Output Power:4.4mm: 110mW(16Ω) ≥230mW(32Ω) ≥227.78mW(600Ω)
Output Power: 3.5mm : 141mW(16Ω)) ≥122mW(32Ω) ≥7mW(600Ω)
SNR: -118dB
THD+N : 0.0003%
Sampling Rate : up to 32-bit/768kHz
DSD Support : up to DSD512
Weight : 69g
Battery Cap.: 1200mAh
Dimensions : L75*W39*H12mm

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