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Audio Genetic

Audio Genetic MARMORIS

Audio Genetic MARMORIS

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MARMORIS is based on"universality"as the development premise. The core is made of 7N Litz single crystal copper, 7N Litz single crystal copper silver-plated, and a silver alloy center shaft mixed with N% platinum (Platinum), woven in a Type 4 Litz structure.

Before the MARMORIS was formed, we repeatedly tuned it with different soldering and connection methods, and finally the 8-core version had the best timbre to our liking. The sound quality of MARMORIS is excellent in all aspects, which can bring a huge improvement to different types of headphones.
Due to the high cost and the limited number of wires that can actually be used, MARMORIS will only provide a limit of 38 wires, and only 8-core versions will be available in the market. Each wire is carefully selected to ensure quality.

MARMORIS will come with a 2.5mm female-> 4.4mm male adapter cable that uses the same core.

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