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ACOUSTUNE HS1790TI In-Ear Headphones

ACOUSTUNE HS1790TI In-Ear Headphones

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Acoustune HS1790TI Product Highlights

  • Second generation Myrinx Composite unit design combined with titanium membrane dome to prevent resonance effects果
  • Titanium alloy cavity provides greater rigidity to improve unit response應
  • 「Dry landscape concept plus Argento Scuro color scheme combined with Japanese garden design and industrial style風格
  • The new case structure design can effectively reduce resonance and provide a more snug fit戴感
  • ARC51 eight-pair headphone cable reduces distortion
  • Equipped with a variety of accessories including the popular ear gel AEX077

Titanium film support – HS1790TI

The units used in the Acoustune headphones are developed and produced in-house產,HS1790TI  The second-generation Myrinx Composite composite drive unit used is also modeled after the unit used in the HS2000MX. The unit diaphragm is made of medical grade polymer biomaterial Myrinx and a titanium membrane is used in the dome position. Flexibility through Myrinx And through the dome of high rigidity material as a key part to prevent resonance and withstand more energy及承受更大能量。


Second-generation unit evolution

The production level of the Myrinx Composite composite drive unit is very difficult to produce, but with the development of the HS2000MX with a lot of time and effort, the team can master the key through repeated testing and fine-tuning and retains the high praise in the market. The HS1695TI/HS1697TI sound is 的聲音,為 HS1790TI  2nd generation Myrinx Composite drive unit for high analytical power and rich soundstage。


Signboard Module Design

Another Acoustune's signature modular design is the same as the previous HS1600 series. The cavity and frame of the earphones are made of different metals to reduce mutual interference and distortion between acoustic and mechanical components. The new structure used in the HS1700 series is to absorb The skeleton is designed based on the concept and characteristics of HS2000MX and HS1300SS. The frame is made of anodized aluminum. It is processed by CNC to provide excellent and stable support for the cavity and socket.插座有極好而穩固的支撐。


Titanium alloy cavity

If you pay attention to Acoustune's products, you probably know the model number.上 HS1790TI The word TI means that the cavity is made of titanium alloy and then processed by CNC. It has stronger rigidity than aluminum or stainless steel, which improves resonance suppression and response of the unit. Especially the cavity must be made of very thin metal. It is necessary to take into account the reinforcement while ensuring the sound quality and improve the sound quality. At the same time, the shape of the back shell has been modified to improve the balance through ergonomic design. It also benefits from the ST1000's customized upgrade database, which allows the team to design a more suitable shape for the ear. More stable and comfortable for users to wear,令用家佩帶得更穩更舒服。


Japanese garden concept

In addition to taking into account the major premise of sound, the Acoustune team has also designed a modular design metal casing. The Acoustune team also tried to continue the aesthetic side of the HS2000MX.續下來。HS1790TI Using Argento Scuro dark silver color scheme and taking advantage of the concept of Karesansui in Japanese gardens Excellent craftsmanship and precision machining with 1 µm incremental control machine tools to create the artistic conception of water ripples in the middle and an appearance that is in harmony with industrial design與工業設計相協調的外觀。


Eight twisted headphone cable

In terms of terminals, the HS1700 series maintains the long-standing Pentaconn Ear plugs, which provide excellent conduction performance and robustness. The ARC51 eight-pair headphone cable is jointly developed by a long-term Japanese audio cable manufacturer. It is a mix of silver-plated OFC cables and ultra-fine OFC cables. The resulting wire core is braided in a twisted-pair triple-shielded eight-pair wire to prevent audio signal transmission losses while maintaining low conductor resistance and improving signal-to-noise ratio over the entire frequency range個頻率範圍內的訊噪比。


Abundant accessories

In this update, in addition to the headset itself, even the packaging and accessories are refreshing. In addition to the new aluminum protective case and carrying case, the new AEX07 ear gel XSSMLXL and a pair of AET02 ear cotton are also included. Extensive accessories and out-of-the-box concept and even more exciting pricing,而且定價更加叫人喜出望外。


Argento Scuro Dark Silver


10 mm Gen 2 Myrinx Composite dynamic, titanium film dome


Titanium cavity anodized aluminum skeleton架



maximum input power




Frequency response


Swap plug

Pentaconn Ear


ARC51 8-stranded hybrid cable Pentaconn Ear 3.5mmm


AEX07 Ear Gel XS/S/M/L/XLAET02 Ear Cotton F Aluminum Protection Case Carrying Box Cable Clip Cable Tie攜盒、線夾、束線帶

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