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ACOUSTUNE HS1695TI in-ear headphones (display)

ACOUSTUNE HS1695TI in-ear headphones (display)

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Acoustune HS1695 Ti adheres to Japanese design and production to maintain consistent high quality. The iconic double-layer casing is further improved, which is helpful for appearance and sound quality. It also adopts a new plug"Pentaconn Ear", which is not only more sturdy and durable, but also contacts The contact between the two new headphones is also closer, which is the key to the better performance of the two new headphones.

Flashing double metal casing

Acoustune’s new work in 2019, the HS1695 Ti, uses titanium metal to make the inner cabinet for the first time. The sound is refreshing, which is especially helpful for the mid-high frequency. The light gold pure aluminum shell makes the earphones dazzling.

Special unit for titanium case

Equipped with the new 5th generation Myrinx Composite moving coil unit, adding metal components to the original fiber diaphragm to strengthen the rigidity, make the unit respond more vividly, improve the analytical power, and it is the best match for the titanium metal cabinet. The sound of the frequency instruments will be more magnificent.

Pentaconn Ear plug is more secure

Replaced with the new Pentaconn Ear plug, which is more stable and durable than the previous MMCX, the plug and the socket are in closer contact, and the conductivity is better. It is also simpler and more convenient to install and remove than the MMCX, which can reduce accidental damage to the plug. Opportunity.

Includes deluxe 16-pin headphone cable

The HS1695 Ti comes with a 16-core headphone cable, which is a mix of silver-plated OFC copper and OFC copper, bringing the details and power of the music.

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