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2020 is the first ten years of 64 Audio since its establishment. The past ten years have been a decade when the portable audio industry has been turned upside down. It is also a decade in which 64 Audio has been creating classics. In the first half of 2020, we witnessed many things. However, in the second half, 64 Audio will Creating a new chapter in portable audio音頻的新篇章。

At the same time, in mid-June, the American brand 64 Audio brought a new product again after a year since the last new product was released.品:

Universal In-Ear Headphones Nio and Official Global Release發布

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64Audio Nio product and sound introduction:
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Nio is a nine-unit hybrid product configuration with a 9mm moving coil unit for ultra-low frequency, six moving-iron units for low-mid frequency, a moving-iron unit for mid-high frequency, and a patented open ductless Tia unit for ultra-high frequency. When designing Nio, 64Audio insisted on using a lightweight and strong aluminum alloy shell, but in Nio, it used a different process to handle the shell to make the headphone shell glossy. In terms of appearance, Nio used a unique New Zealand blue abalone for the first time. The film not only looks exquisite and charming, but also has excellent sturdiness and durability.,完美詮釋了何為色藝雙絕

Because Nio is very versatile, we had some new ideas for Apex mods when we designed it, so we released a mod called Mx, but what makes it special is that it is the most open mod we have designed. By open, we mean This product is indeed completely released from the atmosphere. It has greatly improved and excellent effects in terms of listening comfort and sound field expansion. The three different Apex modules all have different sound styles and characteristics. At the same time, they can truly realize the so-called physical Tuning to completely change the sound characteristics of the earphones to meet the needs of each user for various musical styles. Users can also replace and choose appropriate modules to become your daily equipment適的模組成為你的日常配備

At the same time any song that is well recorded and has layers sounds great on Nio because Nio is able to give you those layers many times you may just hear the sound and not actually hear the depth of the mix and because Nio The powerful driver configuration is also very sensitive to all these tiny details so you can hear deeper sound in the Nio design than our other products, the Nio has deep bass, agile 3D soundstage and smooth sound. Treble extension so that Nio can easily control and perform wonderfully in any kind of music鬆駕馭及精彩演繹

Like our other products featuring the patented open ductless Tia unit, the Nio also uses the patented open ductless unit for extended high frequency response for those looking for a product with relative depth and musical detail while also sounding own. With a great sense of space and a person full of music, Nio can present them to you one by one現給你

Nio also has a full set of exclusive patented designs of 64 Audio's tiaapexLID, which is ergonomically designed to bring you a long and comfortable listening experience. It sets a new standard for the industry in terms of earphone wearing comfort. At the same time, Nio has a charming and powerful appearance. The configuration of the excellent sense of hearing and the extremely playful physical tuning scheme極高的物理調音方案

After a year, let us bring you a new universal in-ear headphones - 64Audio Nioo

The retail price of Nio is HKD: $14499

Specifications of technical parameters:
* Unit type 8 moving iron units 1 moving coil unit單元
* Unit configuration 1*Super treble 1*Mid treble 6*Midrange*中音
Tone 1* Dynamic Bass音
* Frequency response range 10Hz 20kHzHz
* Sensitivity 105dB/mWW
* Impedance 6Ω @ 1kHzz
* Frequency division four-way frequency division頻
* Sound insulation and noise reduction using Apex module -10dB, -15dB -20dBB