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Han Sound Audio VODUN 2pin 4.4mm headphone upgrade cable

Han Sound Audio VODUN 2pin 4.4mm headphone upgrade cable

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Last year, VODUN debuted at the TPAF Taiwan Headphone Culture Festival in Taipei, and was welcomed by many headphone enthusiasts.
Now Hong Kong headphone enthusiasts can finally try the Vodun Demo at MASTERPRO!

Vodun (Voodoo), black and green two-color single crystal copper Ritz wires are twisted side by side, with a medical-grade super soft and transparent black outer covering. The overall appearance is extremely low-key but can reveal a gem-like luster, like mysterious magic. It fits the synonym of Vodun very well, and its appearance can be easily matched with all kinds of gorgeous headphones.

Vodun is designed based on the Type 4 Litz structure. The inner ring is made of single crystal copper silver-plated wire wound on the anti-drawing wire. The outer ring conductor is twisted with two-color four-bundle multi-strand single crystal copper Ritz wire. The cross-sectional area of ​​a single wire core Reaching 21 AWG, the outermost layer is insulated and covered with ultra-soft medical-grade anti-UV material. The overall softness is beyond imagination. Even though the wire core is so full, it is still snug and supple when worn without the need for ear hooks.

Vodun's wire core structure design style makes Vodun have richer high-frequency details than pure single-crystal copper wire and retains excellent low-frequency retraction and retraction speed performance, improving the feeling of subtle changes and intensity caused by string accompaniment of string instruments. , with the graininess and body required in piano playing, without any ambiguity. With the single crystal copper Ritz wire as the outer conductor, the performance of the human voice can better highlight the expression of the current atmosphere and emotion. The sound of swallowing saliva is like trickling water sliding past your ears. The low-frequency conduction is transmitted through the single-crystal silver-plated copper wire in the inner ring, which can achieve low-frequency convergence without being sloppy, extending deep and untouchable, and completely presenting high-quality sound.

Vodun is a product made of Hansheng's single-crystal copper and single-crystal silver-plated copper materials. It has sound characteristics that are not available in the previous single wire core and single material. It can be used with most types of music and headphones, and is suitable for listening. It’s worth a try for those who are omnivores in music.
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